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truck illustrating the industrial transport

Complete batch transport : the total loading capacity is reached and intended for one and the same customer

Transport in half batches, partial batches or groupage : the loading capacity is distributed for different customers

Light transport : transport less than 3.5 tonnes

industrial transport

metal plate indicating the transport of hazardous materials

Please note that the transport of dangerous goods is subject to specific regulations to the extent that it poses a risk to property and people as well as a risk to the environment. Are concerned :

  • Flammable liquids
  • Explosive materials
  • Toxic substances
  • Radioactive material
  • Dangerous objects

transport of dangerous goods

etal of fish arranged in ice

Transport at positive temperature

Isothermal transport

Transport at negative temperature

Food transport

Transportation of non-food items:

  • organs and blood
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical products
  • plant

refrigerated transport


The transport of live animals is part of the transport of goods whether equine or any kind of animal.

Specific regulations apply depending on the duration of the trip, the distance traveled, the category of animals transported but also their age or status (eg pregnant females).

Regulations may vary from country to country.

live animal transport

dump truck being loaded sand

Bulk transport is the transport of unpacked materials that can not be packaged or individualized :

  • Tipper transport : tipper, dump trailer, scrap tank, multi-purpose tipper, poly tipper
  • Transport by cistern : food or non-food products, powdered products (powder), food or non-food, hazardous materials.

bulk transport


Delicate transportation concerns different types of goods :

  • the baggage transport
  • the transport of fragile objects
  • the transport of art objects
  • the transport of musical instruments

delicate transport

truck equipped for conveying exceptional loads

The exceptional transport concerns the transport of goods outsize :

  • farm equipment
  • special gear
  • public works equipment
  • the fairgrounds

Container transport : to transport containers to the port of loading by containerized lorries with specifically adapted trays.

special transport

woman being delivered small package

Express shipping : Folder, parcel shipping or other with fast shipping, nationally or internationally.

Courier transport : transport of goods whose total weight is less than 3 tonnes and whose delivery time is less than 48 hours.

Courier activities : Urgent or sensitive delivery of mail, parcels, packages, or documents from the sender to the recipient.

Express Transport

straw balls in a meadow

The transport of certain goods is in the miscellaneous category :

various transport

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